Corrigendum to the paper entitled "A variation on arithmetic continuity" published in Boletim da Sociedade Paranaense de Matematica Volume 35, Issue 3 (2017), Pages 195-202

Huseyin Cakalli


The first sentence in the abstract should be replaced with the sentence "A sequence $(x_{k})$ is called arithmetically convergent if for each $\varepsilon > 0$ there is an integer $n_{0}$ such that  $|x_{m} - x_{<m,n>}|<\varepsilon$ for every integers $m, n$ satisfying $<m, n> \geq n_{0}$, where the symbol $< m, n >$ denotes the greatest common divisor of the integers $m$ and $n$".


arithmetical convergent sequences; boundedness; uniform continuity

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